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About Us


On June 6, 1924 the American Exchange Bank opened its doors in Lindsay.  It remained under local ownership until Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Griffith purchased the bank on July 2, 1972.  Mr. Jewell Griffith passed away on June 23, 2003.  Mrs. Jane Griffith passed away on October 20, 2011.  Currently, Griffith Family Financial, LLC is the majority shareholder.  American Exchange Bank is a family bank in every sense of the word.  We believe in our community!


The American Exchange Bank has seen two locations in Lindsay throughout the years.  Its final day of business was on Friday, August 20, 1976 at its original location of 226 S. Main St., Lindsay, OK.  The bank relocated to its present location at 402 S. Main St., Lindsay, OK on the following Monday, August 23, 1976.  In September of 2001, the American Exchange Bank Mortgage Department opened its doors at 405 S. Main St.  It continues today to service the local community with long-term home loans.  In July of 2002, the American Exchange Bank opened it first ATM machine located at the corner of SE 4th St. and Highway 19.


New ATM is available on the steps of the new Leopard Arena at Lindsay High School.  We believe in this town!


The American Exchange Bank offers knowledge, consistency, and a friendly face to its local family.  The American Exchange Bank can offer over 269 years of banking experience.  Over the last 50 years the bank has seen only two Presidents, four Vice-Presidents, two CEOs, three Cashiers and seven Loan Officers.  We know our customers.  We look forward to helping you everyday.  We make the decisions.  We believe in Lindsay!


Our Family

Barre Griffith

President, joined 1979


Terry Thomas

Chairman of the Board / Loan Officer, joined 1975


Jared Thomas

CEO / Vice President / Loan Officer, joined 2006


Ann Thomas

Vice President / Cashier, joined 1998


David Miller

BSA Officer / Security Officer / Loan Officer, joined 2007


Debbie Selzer

Head Bookkeeper / New Accounts, joined 1990


Tucker Holden

Teller / Asst. OFAC Officer, joined 2021

Angela Turner

RE Loan Officer, joined 2001


LaShanda Somers

IT Security Officer / Loan Processor, joined 2015


Johnna Kelley

Teller, joined 2018


Sherry Wilson

New Accounts, joined 1998


Lacie Morrison

OFAC Officer / New Accounts / Asst. BSA Officer, joined 2013


Liz Moseley

Loan Processor, joined 1994


Tammie Cable

Drive-Thru Teller, joined 2013


Brooks Tigert

Part-time Drive-Thru Teller, joined 2020

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